Request for the leadership of New World

Just a suggestion, but could you write a quick FAQ for joining New World OTG. I had to search quite awhile to realize that the answer to my question was “Syndicate” as to which faction to join.

Also, for people just loading now a stickied FAQ with the Server, the link to the application process and which Faction to join (and the explaination that you decide at level 10) would really help people as they are getting going.

Thanks for all your work on making this fun for all of us. Not a criticism at all, just a suggestion.

Everything you should need to know for any chapter should be located in the Chapter Information section for that chapter. Hopefully that will contain what you need. :slight_smile:

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Click this…

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Thank you to all the leadership of the guild and specifically of New World’s OTG Companies for their hard work in getting us up and running on this game. It is appreciated.