Request (Discord) First Person Shooter Rooms

What are you trying to do? (e.g., set up and log into Discord

Thank you for creating the Battlefield V room. As a suggestion I’d like to suggest creating just a Battlefield general channel with perhaps 1 or 2 additional rooms. Also, a Call of Duty, if you guys want to be specific, but as it stands we can easily work with what we have and it’s greatly appreciated.

The reason I mention just Battlefield or Call of Duty is that it covers any/all iterations of the games. By just having the generic name all other releases will work in perpetuity. Haa, haa, I got to say “in perpetuity”. We do play other versions of both games so just Battlefield and or Call of Duty with an additional room or two would be great.

Thanks guys so very much!


I’ve moved this over to the general games section. They are the decision makers for this… in perpetuity.

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Thank you.

Any objections, @gg-staff ?

@Viking has been working on FPS channels so whatever he thinks make sense. @revzman

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I appreciate you guys taking this into consideration. There are quite a few of us playing Call of Duty upon its release last week. Also, just having Battlefield and or Call of Duty will cover all the iterations/expansions of the games.

That sounds sensible.
Lets make it just Battlefield Lobby.

I am glad you guys are enjoying it and ping me if you have other suggestions.

And a Call of Duty as well.


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