Repair Addon

I was gone from WoW for a little over a year, and now that I am back there is something different about me UI. When I want to repair my equipted items, I have to click the little hammer and then right click every item. I didn’t use to have to do that. What am I missing?



Lor being you just came back basicly. I’m sure it’s a permissions within the guild at the moment. I will look and update this after I get online to look at it.


Ok I looked and your permissions are accurate. only other reason I can think of is it’s an addon issue. Try disabling all your addons and try it, then re enable them one at a time so you can find the culprit.

Are you talking about guild repair or just general? Just general, I think mine is a box checked for auto repair in Dugi.

Just general. I never used the guild funds to repair. I would bankrupt the guild!!! :sob:


You were right Arcano. Now to figure out which one. Then to try and find out what is causing it in the addon. I don’t have any add ons that I didn’t have before. I saved a list.

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