Remembering D-Day

As a Veteran, I remember family generations of Military Service. Mom, Dad, Niece, Grandpapa’s and so many others.
Remembering the Past so we don’t stumble in the Future.

WWII Vet. G. Ciampa wrote:
“When we were here in '44, it wasn’t fun because it was war. Ships all around us, shelling above us, Oh Lord let us get to the shore. When we were here in Normandy, it was in France, the invasion was not planned by chance. Thousands would die here and many without fear… Oh Lord, let us win this damn war.”

My Uncle died on the shores of Dieppe, FR in Operation Jubilee raid 1942. Huge Failure by the way. My Mom & Dad made it home.

My HUGS & LOVE to all.

We’re Here because they were There.


Thank you so much for this post. My husband is a 100% combat-related disabled veteran with over 20 years of service. Most don’t realize, even with the broadcasts from foreign correspondents, that freedom isn’t free. Not only does it have a humongous price tag hung on the years of a war shown in history books; it also has a running tab - a day-to-day price paid every minute of every day by those who fought in the name of Old Glory. We have a copy of this picture, entitled Reflections:

Those sacrifices are never forgotten by the veterans. They should NEVER be forgotten by the American people.
(Thank at least one veteran a day for his/her service. Show them the cost they paid was worth it.)