Relic Farming

I’m finding Rhino to be a bundle of hilarity as he knocks groups of enemies across entire tiles like bowling pins. So I know next time his Prime is unvaulted that I will want to farm the necessary relics to go after all the blueprints, as opposed to performing a ritual to call upon the ancient Orokin god VISA to grant me their otherworldly powers of instant pixelization to fulfill my desires.

In light of this I’m looking for advice on what type of mission (assuming the Void is the best location?) is usually the best for farming relics, and suggestions on a frame and weapon combination from the existing available selections that would be efficient. I’m trying to plan this out now since I know I’m going to need time to forma things up to be able to handle a full set of max level mods on all the gear.

Playstyle wise I’m open to about anything. While I do like a nice rapid fire ranged weapon and get great satisfaction out of sniper rifles, when it comes to swarms of enemies I tend to do better up close and personal. Like where my targeting reticule is about the size of an emblem on their armor so my chances of missing are greatly reduced. I’m having luck with a shotgun and decent melee weapon combo thus far (except I hate the short range of daggers even with Fury), but I likely have a lot of time to increase my skills with any playstyle before I see a specific retired Prime I am gunning for show up in the vault.

Relic farming is such a pain! Its been a few months since I farmed but there are basically two ways to go about it. The first is to max out two of your syndicate standings (you can do three if you balance right but its a pain) and then when the vault opens use all of your standings to buy relic packs and hope for the best. This is probably the most effective use of your time waiting. Plus you have a lot more variety in the grind.

The second way is to run missions that have the highest chance of dropping the relic you want over and over until your eyes bleed. There are a couple of resources for figuring out what missions those are. Warframe Reliquary ( is the best source but only useful once the vault opens again. Under the Wishlist tab just select the parts you are looking for then the Reliquary tab will show you the best missions to run and the percentage chance for each to drop in that mission. They normally turn out to be interception or spy missions in my experience.

The other way is to run the old stand-bys for farming specific relic tiers. This website ( has a pretty good rundown on where to go for each type of relic tier.

TL; DR; Max out syndicate standings while waiting for the vault to open. Once it opens use all of your standings to buy relic packs. Then either use Warframe Reliquary to identify the best missions to farm relics for specific parts of check to determine the best missions for a particular relic tier and grind grind grind.

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I use this planner:

It, also, only works with currently unvaulted materials, but it’s great for tracking what parts you need for the roughly 35 unvaulted Primes. It even has a planner for how to farm them and the expected time for mission completion.

What I have generally done with the team is find fissures which are also excavations or defense, at a higher level, and then run them for ~5 itterations. By doing this you consume some of your relics while that the same time getting new ones. It also helps to refill your void traces so you can Radiant those where you need a rare.

35 unvaulted primes…and that’s just the warframes right? There are more hectacres of farmland than I thought lol. Sounds like I’m going to vacation on Io for awhile to get my initial stock of relics after I finish opening the map.

The primary frames I am using thus far are Nova Prime as my normal go to, Rhino for nighmare and shield deficiency scenarios, and Loki for sabotage. Weapons wise my most used are Boar Prime or Vectis Prime depending on maps or what I feel like doing, secondariers are usually whatever I am leveling unless I’m doing higher level sabotage and want a suppressed Lex, and melee is usually whatever although I am liking a few specific ones. The Boar Prime may end up being replaced by the Arca Plasmor as my main shotgun after I put a couple forma in it.

Anything specifically I am missing that is a must have for fissure fishing?

Correction: 36 Primes

Out of curiosity, I broke them out.

Warframes (8)
Nova Prime
Mag Prime
Mesa Prime
Oberon Prime
Chroma Prime
Zephyr Prime
Limbo Prime
Hydroid Prime

Primary (8)
Boar Prime
Soma Prime
Rubico Prime
Tiberon Prime
Sybaris Prime
Braton Prime
Burston Prime
Paris Prime

Secondary (10)
Akjagara Prime
Akvasto Prime
Vasto Prime
Pyrana Prime
Akbolto Prime
Ballistica Prime
Akbronco Prime
Bronco Prime
Aklex Prime
Lex Prime

Melee (10)
Redeemer Prime
Dakra Prime
Gram Prime
Destreza Prime
Kronen Prime
Kogake Prime
Nami Skyla Prime
Silva & Aegis Prime
Fang Prime
Orthos Prime

Some thoughts on Primes
My primary (heh) reason for getting all the Primes, aside from the Pokemon (gotta catch 'em all) aspect is for Mastery Rank. Each warframe is worth 6k XP, and each weapon is worth 3k fully leveled.

In terms of “must have”, Primes, none of these are critical to have. In the case of the warframes and weapons you get an additional polarity slot or two, which can save you a forma . . . or not, if you have to change it to make your extra special build. The warframes have minor improvements to things like health, shields, or energy.

I am just finding out that there are other minor differences in some weapons, such as increased magazine capacity.

The only other thing I like about having a Prime is that I feel like I can safely sell the “basic” version of that weapon, unless I’m using it to build another thing.

I’ve not seen that list before but it offers some odd recommendations. Typically I’d advise someone farming stuff in Warframe to pick a mission type that allows them to minimize the time of each round. Survival, Defense, Interception are some of the worst for this and those are what they’ve suggested.

Something like:
Lith - Hepit - Void Capture (100% Relic Drop) (can run these in under a minute with some frames)
Meso - Ukko - Void Capture (Same as Above, but for Meso/Neo)
Neo - Ukko - Void Capture (Same)
Axi - Hieracon - Pluto (Excavation, Endo in AA and Relics with good chance in BC) (Run two extractors to get efficient times) This one is a lot of fun in a team and I often take newer players there to help them with Endo and Relics.

ESO is also an option and although slower than the above by a fair amount it gives radiant relics, which is a nice bonus.