Reinstalled - none of my ships show in Hangar

I just reinstalled the game (boot SSD went south & I lost all drive’s contents). So, anyway, I logged in, went to my hangar to see my ships and the hangar is empty.

I’ve had the game since… 2013 and a Rear Admiral package (Constellation Andromeda) , plus an LX-LTI I’d upgraded to a 300i – (lifetime insurance on both).

Neither craft shows in the Revel & York Hangar - nothing, just an empty hangar.

They are not in the hangars any more you must summon them to a hangar.
If you go in the the PU in one of the cities got to the starport you can summon any ship you own and fly it.
The days of the endless hangar for every ship you owned is gone. :cry:

The ship must have been added to the PU not all ships are ready at this time.

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Thanks. Seriously kind of sucks. I don’t want to fly until I get time to look at and practice moving around & such. That’s why the hangar start.

So a “PU”? … I’ll have to look that up.

PU = Persistant Universe.

You can summon your ships to the hanger. You just have to do it through the Mobi Glass now. And you can only have up to a certain size. There are ship size markers on the floor of the hanger when you use the Mobi Glass. The hangers just will not expand anymore like they use to so you can see all your ships. The hanger as you see it/enter it is the largest it will get for now.


@Eleazaros I very much recommend checking this thread for some good getting started info:

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