Regularly Scheduled Events

Regularly Scheduled Events

For these regular events we will gather in the Discord Lost Ark Lobby voice chat (even if you don’t have a headset!).

Mondays - 7pm ET/4pm PT

  • Treasure Maps and Tickets, bring your tier 1, 2 and 3 treasure maps from chaos gates/rift fragments and Cube/Boss Rush tickets!

Tuesdays - 7pm ET/4pm PT

  • Player vs Player night, opening up the coliseum for friendly custom matches within the guild and/or going into one of the standard modes with a guild group! - Requirement: level 26+

Wednesdays - 7pm ET/4pm PT

  • “The Weekly Scramble”, helping each other get any last minute weekly tasks and guild tasks done before reset!

Fridays - 7pm ET/4pm PT

  • Lobby night / Q&A, let’s chat about game systems and help any newcomer get familiar with the game while doing infinite Chaos Dungeons at the same time!

Saturdays - 7pm ET/4pm PT

  • Raids! 8-man dungeons such as Gates of Paradise (960+) and Argos (1370+).