Regarding "scope creep"

I didn’t get a chance to reply to Sim when he posted his credentials before the thread was locked…

Simdor - “I got my degree in 2005 in Gaming Design and Development from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Since then I have written 100s of thousands of lines of code, designed systems as small as a single web page and as large and complex as satellite communications between offshore vessels.”

I’m not a coder, I’m a Project Manager. My Masters is in Business Science, Project Management from GWU, the premiere project management school in the world. I’ve been doing project management for the last 28 years. In the last 8 years the smallest project I’ve managed was $24 million, and the largest was $20 billion. I have coders that work for me and I’ve project managed heuristic automation systems with billions of lines of code, written by over 300 people, that run entire manufacturing facilities, lights out, generating billions of dollars of revenue for my company.

I say this not to brag, for the same reason Sim provided his credentials, to add credence to what he meant. So believe me when I say “SC has never suffered from scope creep”.

Why do I say this? Because SC has never had a scope. CR is not a project manager, has never been one, will never be one. He’s a kid in a candy store that tapped into a wildcatting gold mine that funds his fantasies. People have been racing behind him in the blind hope of somehow corralling him into some form of structure, which has resulted in the vastly amusing attempts to show SC’s progress in the last 2 years.

They post projections that are always wrong, status updates that are always incomplete, and drastically change things that they commit to, daily. It’s a running joke in social media and actually a textbook cautionary tale in the PM community. Not kidding, seen it in 2 textbooks about project management on “how not to do this”. Graduate programs all over the world bring it up as “never let the ‘dreamer’ manage the project, and here’s why”. The more people who are involved in a project, the more important project management becomes, and CIG has virtually none. Their project “managers” don’t manage. They go dept to dept, ask them “hey, what are you working on?” then post it in gantt charts like it was planned and intentional.

Why do I feel this? Because an 8 year project would have an 8 year SLRP (strategic long range plan), and CIG has never had a plan that was accurate beyond a couple of months. Not a single thing they’ve told us was accurate. SLRP’s don’t change radically, the business changes to match them, not the other way around. An SLRP isn’t “hey, lets change the SLRP to reflect what we’re actually doing”, they’re “Hey, we’re WAY off track on the SLRP, we need to drop some things and get focused.” Changing the SLRP is a HUGE challenge and an admission of failure, which is why it rarely happens and therefore must always be right, the first time. I know this from personal experience, my company has spent the last year doing just that because we took it in the frigging TEETH in 2019.

Project Management is purely cosmetic in CIG, an attempt to appease the masses at best, and a great teaching tool for those of us out here who need something to show for the worst possible way to run a business.


Not going to continue to rehash the same things over and over.

Claims and opinions with no facts are just as good as conspiracy theories.
Their progress over the last two years has been clearly defined and changes to the roadmap have been transparent.

I get it. You think the game will never happen. Ok.

I believe their roadmap, financials and plain talk from the devs says they will release a game.
And I am referring to SC PU not SQ42.

And like I said, I am not claiming that CIG is a perfect company or that there are not things that they need to do better. Management was absolutely one of them for a long time, but they identified that and began making changes to improve it. In my opinion they still have room to improve but I also see how far they have come, and it is promising.

Guess only time will tell.

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Your patience and tolerance are Herculean, but you and I have always wanted different things from the game so it makes sense that you’d still be supporting it. To me, it’s like a Flint Michigan apologist saying “hey, listen, the water’s not as bad as it was last year”, focusing on tiny progress while ignoring landslides of really bad decisions that screwed over 100,000s of people.

And “time will tell” is CIG’s motto, they’ve been saying it for 8 years. We’ll certainly see.

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I have received some comments/concerns over the level of discussion Mac and I have on the forums.

Just wanted to say that @macallen and I have a long history of heated conversations. We go back and forth and argue when it suits us. But we also spent the entire day hanging out together at CitizenCon. We are just both passionate about games and specifically this project but Mac knows I love him no matter how wrong he is.


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There are people that don’t know our history at this point?

I have nothing but the utmost respect for Simdor, always have, always will. Our playstyles are different, which creates for fun and exciting dialogs, but anything I say to him is 100% on topic and about the topic, not about him. We’ve always disagreed on various aspects of SC, for the 8 years we’ve been backing it :slight_smile:

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I’m reminded of Waldorf and Statler from the Muppet Show for some reason :smirk:

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Well, you’re not wrong, and those who have met the two of us together should get a kick out of that :slight_smile:

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Well I’m glad no one took offense because I meant it in the best way possible.

Offense? I’m flattered, those 2 are amazing :slight_smile: