Referral Code Links

Please use the referral codes here when pledging to help out your fellow guildies. Take one and then post your link for the next person. Please note in your post whose code you used to help spread out the love.

Important Note: This post is from the previous forums. I have included unused codes from 2018 to get us started. If your link is no longer here, please feel free to re-post it.




Link dead since they changed their system

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still not used yet :hugs:

Between OTG and my STREAM & YOUTUBE referrals, hoping to payback our guild members with rewards!

My referral code

Referral Link:

Here’s mine…

I have A1 access and hoping to stream some for others to watch :slight_smile: :smile:

Thanks in advance to anyone who uses the link!

Here is my code… Ashes of Creation

Thanks for any who choose to use it.

Link didn’t work. I added two to your numbers. Please fix your link or send me a corrected link. Many thanks.

Sorry, this was over 3 years ago. I don’t even have my log in info any more.

Grins. Okay. I’m going to start watching this game. Bambi told us a bit about it.

Someone needs AoC referral codes? :wink: Here’s one of mine: