Choosing The Division 2 clan doesn’t have to be a struggle. we been active since August 2005, with the gaming resources you need.

  • Serious and Organized
    We’ve been operating as a team, without missing a single day, since our founding in 2005. Our leadership is active every day keeping our community going and is always responsive to the needs of the player.

  • Enjoyable and Open
    Our team has an easy-going and enjoyable atmosphere. We accept people from all over the world and have a diverse community. Our stability minimizes drama and maximizes activity and fun.

  • Resources for the Gamer
    We provide our members with redundant premium servers for voice communication, private forums and data tools, and the flexibility to utilize them effectively.

  • Mature and Professional
    Our members range from 20 to 89. We pride ourselves on our professional image and spirit.

  • Ready for Competition
    In Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, we aim to offer many opportunities for our members to get in the action, including missions, quest, side quest, Raids, Dark Zone, Domination and skirmish. Every raid will be hard-fought with skill, determination, and teamwork and most of all FUN.

  • Refuge for Casual Players
    If you’re not interested in playing in raids or raiding every week no problem OTG is here to make your gaming time more enjoyable.

The Division 2 is made for strategy and teamwork. It’s time to expect more from gaming online, it’s time to experience the most from your games with OTG


Recrute, eh? Ve are French now, Oui?

I think you missed on bullet point: We are kids at heart. :slight_smile:

I’m in.

I’m in too :smiley:


If this is public facing you may want to omit the table. - This is just my opinion, not instructional, do as you like! - :slight_smile:

No need to stir un-wanted drama with other clans, especially since this is largely not true lol. Funny, but not true in my experience. Lots of other clans have all of the traits of OTG (as wonderful as we are).

It’s humor! :slight_smile:

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To us at least :slight_smile:

Just bored last night, with clan size being low it looks like we may have 2 clans in the division 2

(1 interview said 50 per clan)


I’m in

I wonder if they allow alliances and also is membership via account or character?

50 accounts per clan. At least it won’t affect alts.

And not being cross platform play, its only 50 PC accounts (other platforms will need to have their own clans). We might get by with one clan, but as ya say we can always make an overflow until the initial rush of players comes and then goes on to the next new thing. :slight_smile:

I’m in but je ne parle pas Zercon.

Les carottes sont cuites.

Spel chick is ur frend.

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But seriously, fix the spelling errors please.


I’m in