Recommendation of games similar to "The Room"?

Hey all,

I absolutely love all of “The Room” games. I have purchased and played every one of them, including the VR version, and can’t get enough.

I’m trying to find other games of similar quality but haven’t had much luck yet. I really like the graphics and animations of a lot of the puzzles throughout the Room games.

The “We Were Here” games were a lot of fun as well, but those require someone to play with and I’m a bit lacking on friends available to play online with. :frowning:


I’m with ya on that. Loved that series, and I’m always in search of more like them. Try these, I’m sure you’ll love them as well. I have all of them on mobile and use ApowerMirror
if I want to play them on pc

The House of Da Vinci
The House of Da Vinci II

Thanks! I’ve played the first House of Da Vinci, but didn’t realize there was a 2nd one available. I’ll check it out, the first one wasn’t too bad.

Also really looking forward to Firmament coming out. I loved Myst and the sequels, and Obduction was fun as well.

I watched the trailer for Firmament. I do have to say it looks rather interesting. I’ll have to give it a go when it comes out.

OH…I have played all the Room games. LOVE THEM! I’ve also played House of Da Vinci, and while fun, not the same. Not a knock - just not the first love. I’ll have to check out Firmament, and count me in if anyone comes up with other games for this genre.