Recent Pantheon: RotF Gameplay Videos

It has been a pretty active year (and Pre-Alpha) for Pantheon so far in 2018. Here’s a quick summary of recent gameplay videos available for your viewing pleasure. Each video is tagged with the race and class of the streamer, in case you’d like to see one in particular.

The most recent videos come from the Pre-Alpha 3 build, though some of the older ones listed here are back from Pre-Alpha 2. Hopefully they give you a good idea of where the devs are going with the different classes, though I’m sure we’ll see much more tuning and refining to come.

August 23, 2018: Pantheon Community Stream - Multiple Perspectives!

August 6, 2018: MMO All-Star Stream - Multiple Perspectives!

August 5, 2018: Pre-Alpha 3 Dire Lord Gameplay Ft. CohhCarnage
Human Dire Lord POV -

April 28, 2018: TheHiveLeader Heals the Devs
Human Cleric POV -

April 27, 2018: Koopatroopa787 Plays Pantheon: RotF
Ogre Shaman POV -

April 20, 2018: Lassiz Plays Pantheon: RotF
Gnome Rogue POV -

March 22, 2018: Jim Lee Plays Pantheon: RotF
Human Warrior POV -

March 18, 2018: Pre-Alpha 2 Gameplay w/ CohhCarnage
Human Rogue POV -

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cool, nice job organizing all those. I did preorder Pantheon after watching some of those recent videos with the devs. I liked the classic look, feel and gameplay. I will check out some more of these videos and see what class i want to try out.

I watched the Gnome Enchanter. Talk about a serious support class! Looking forward to Druid and Summoner :slight_smile:
Also like to see the spell Thornbind Hostage show up. Wouldn’t that be fun?

That would be a really interesting ability to bring to Pantheon, @Rance. It seems to work well with their approach of having more intelligent AI. Related mobs breaking through the roots and causing damage to one of their own would be a really fun mechanic.

I’ve been pretty impressed thus far with what they’ve shown on the streams. I’m still excited about my Archai Shaman… but some videos make me think about other options! :slight_smile: