Received my submit an item (2014 pathfinder pledge) notification from VR

Wow, 7 years later … I was able to submit 3 suggestions for items.

For those with time on their hands and possibly interested here’s what I submitted.

  1. Mia’s water bowl : purpose : an item “clickie” that summons 2 globes of water (or equiv) per 24 hours/day.

description: Long ago in a far away place there was a soldier, Faseti, who travelled his world seeking experience and riches. Faseti found it a niusance always having to seek and carry so much water for his beloved cats. While on campaign Faseti found the most erudian magicians and commisioned “Mia’s water bowl” creation.

  1. Onyx figurine of Jack. purpose : an item “clickie” that summons a non-combat very large, ie: 22lbs, muscular black cat named “Jack”. Our soldier, Faseti, fell in battle and while being revived Death visited wailed how often IT was cheated from claiming Faseti. Death instead touched Faseti’s beautiful young panther with a rot and eventually Jack fell into Death’s claim. Maddened with sorrow and howling with the rage of his Chaos God our soldier travelled north back to his frozen homelands. There Faseti made a bargain, a piece of his being, to dark Shamans for the return of his Jack. These dark Shaman’s wrestled Jack’s essence away from Death infusing the onyx figurine that now lays within your hand.

IRL I lost my beautiful black (“panther”) cat from a urinary blockage. Here I had a 99% healthy cat and they tried twice to unblock him. only to have some pus bloody mess drain out from his bladder both times. I had to make the choice to let him go. there’s was another frankenstein of a very invasive experimental surgery option but they’d have to … well anyway. I miss him. alot.

  1. Tin of Fish : purpose : a “clickie” : a small metal tin / box that that summons 2 fish per 24 hours/day. While awaiting transport, to Elven lands, in a far eastern port our soldier Faseti sought out the mages guild in their floating tower. There Faseti commissioned yet another trinket for his beloved travelling felines. A small wonderous tin box that produced two whole fish each day upon a magicial spoken word. There with no cares of food nor water Faseti travelled and sailed and flew via magical gateways all around his world with his beloved felines.

It’s seems you have found one of these treasures …

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Maybe we will see a game in a couple of years!

hehehe … yeah been waiting since 2014 here. I remember playing Fallout New Vegas with one of the first interviews with Brad McQuaid playing in the back ground.