Really late to this party

I have been keeping my eye on AoC for awhile now and lately I am feeling the urge to buy into it. More and more it is looking appealing to me as an upcoming MMO. I am looking at buying into it at some point here now, but watching the buy in packs for some cosmetic elements that really appeal to me.

I was looking at playing Amazon’s New World instead of AoC, but after the last New World stress test event thing I am looking at AoC instead. Int he last test phase New World wouldn’t even work with Windows 10 Insider build which really frustrated me and soured me on New World. I have been using Windows 10 Insider builds for over a year now and I have to yet to encounter a game, other than New World, that won’t work on Windows 10 Insider builds. I bet if I suddenly got in the AoC alpha right now, it would work with Windows 10 Insider build.

Feels like AoC is still a good ways off as far as releasing or even going into beta, but that’s ok…I can wait. Should be some good times when it does go live.

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I’ve found a few games that don’t play well with Windows Insider; mostly it seems to be anti-cheat stuff that conflicts. I’d recommend that you (and everyone else, really) opt out of Windows Insider on your main gaming machine. MUCH easier said than done, however, as getting out of Windows Insider is not an instant process.

Any IT Pros care to weigh in on this?

At this point there’s no need to hurry to back Ashes unless your really sold on the current cosmetics. Alpha 1 keys are sold out (for now anyway). The video NDA will be lifted for the official alpha 1 tests so my personal recommendation wou kno d be to wait and see some alpha 1 gameplay and decided then if you want to back the game and at what level. We have roughly 40 members with alpha 1 access so there should be no shortage of opinions on here to help as well.

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It’s a Kickstarter game. GREAT for developers… piss poor for Marketing.

You’re farrrr from late. It’s still in Alpha. :wink:

Kickstarter relieves pressure on developers HOWEVER, it turns into a never ending redevelopment due to new-er graphics card capabilities, new-er designer code for better this and that…

When did this start? Meh… I’m in. That is certain though anticipating truth for kickstarter release games is more or less fire and forget.

I’ll remember when my media reminds me or a casual check here and there.

Looks like a GREAT game and I’m jonsing for a hope of amplified classic DAOC though I’ve learned - Kickstarters are never ending.