READ ME - Joining the Star Citizen in game Organization for OTG

I would like to apply please, My RSI name is Rhavenwing.
Thanks for your consideration!

Accepted. Apologize for the delay.

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Accepted. Sorry for the delay.

I do not see your application on the RSI site. Please go to Old Timers Guild [OTG] - Organizations - Roberts Space Industries and apply so I can accept you in, thanks!
Also, to expedite the process, send me a PM when you do.

Reinstated OTG member, applying for SC org, RSI handle is Evearte

Hi! my RSI callsign is Copstash and I applied in game as well. Thanks @Evearte !

I have applied to the org. Vusion is rsi handle.

Brand new to Star Citizen, looking for an invite, and to start running with you all.

element320 : Case

Brace_Deville is my handle in game and am interested in joining the chapter. :slight_smile:
I’m super new to the game so I’m sure no one can crash a ship as magnanimously as I can.

RollinBluSmoke is my SC in-game handle. I’m fairly new to the game but looking to meet folks in the Verse.

I think I have everyone up to this point invited.
If I missed you please send me a PM

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Just applied via RSI website, game name = Zodanga.