RDR2PC and headphones

I own an afterglow Universal wireless gaming head set (man that’s a mouthful) it works fine with every other game I own and play. But for some reason I cant get any sound out of it for RDR2 PC version. I’m having to use my earbuds from my cell phone. Kinda POs me as the headset is a 5.1 surround sound and earbuds just stereo. Any ideas? Oh ya LOOOOOOVIN the game.

Have you tried updating firmware on the headset?
Also, double check the game itself is set to the right output device for audio…ive had issues in the past were games would reset to system default instead of my headset, and had to change it every time i started up the game.

ya tried that and got a message that my files were corrupt… so I have to reinstall but need to let the headphones battery die first. let you know tomorrow