Razer Orbweaver gaming pad free to new home - practically new, never used

Hi all, I’ve finally given up on trying to use my Orbweaver. I’ve had it for some time now and periodically would plug it in to see if I could actually use it. However, I’ve come to the conclusion my hand is way too small for it.

The item itself is in pristine condition since I’ve never been able to use it so its like brand new. Being a Razer product I’m thinking anyone familiar with their products will realize it probably uses the legacy software. I have both loaded on my pc and did manage to program the keys somewhat to my liking, but my hand just is too short to be able to put it to good use.

I would like to offer it up to anyone who might be able to use it, free of charge. If anyone is interested please get in touch with me via private message so we can discuss how to get it sent to you.

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Sorry you can’t use it. It does look like it might be a bit bigger than the tartarus v2. If you have some way of checking it out. I know Binazzi uses one and her hand is big enough.

Lor, I found another guildie who needs it so I’ve already made arrangements to get it to her.

Sorry I grabbed this before Binazzi. Thank you so much Lyn, I told you my big ol’ man hands would fit.

You were the first response so no problem. I never heard from Binazzi I think Lor just happened to mention that.

For what it’s worth, the Orbweaver (and Tartarus) seem to be designed for your “Home Row” to be the 3rd row…just like a keyboard. So, much like a keyboard, the top row will be hard to reach if you have small hands. This is NOT how I use it, btw, since I’ve used keypads since Nostromo and I set it up with top row as “home.”

Thanks dreadhead, appreciate your feedback. I’ve tried over the year or so I’ve owned this item to get it to work for me without success. So I found a new home for someone who can use it.

I felt it was wasteful to only be able to use the first row above the wrist and none of those above it. I also found with my arthritis, the thumb key which I had hoped would help, actually exacerbated my arthritis in my left thumb, far from being a help.

sigh…so after struggling I gave it up to a new home. So glad @zamarena can use it.

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I tried something like this many years ago and every time I see one in a store I consider getting it again.

I just got a Microsoft Surface 8 Pro and I use it without the keyboard. This may work for me in this case so I may pick one up if I can find a good deal.