Ratscallion : Cloak : 48 hours : ends 16th June 12 noon PST

Subject : Cloak event

Target : Ratscallion

Location : Rivervale : Avatar of Mischief in/around the big horned demon guys back of zone

Item : Cloak of Meandering … cool ghostly blue look

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re-reading the EQ 2 News article … Looks like Ratscallion will “go into hiding” 48 hours later once appearing. Then re-appearing some where else some time soonish…? Details to be posted on DBG Eq2 social sites and most likely the EQ2 forum (news) thread about this.

also … reading the EQ2 forum for this people said there’s a merchant which any alt whose main was flagged for any of the cloaks could buy them. 10 status and plat.

2nd cloak

lightnight effect … be great for a crazed gnome tinker or a jacked up wizard powerhouse kinda apparel.

Pillars of Flames

1400 Neg 100 Neg 1200

North West corner of map. Main land mass. You enter a pathway into the plateau , move forward/left/right down the tight path and Ratscallion is at the end. Maybe “30 feet” from the pathway enterance.

I flew out to giants field , dove into the sea, swam morth, walked up the stoneway “ramp”, ran for my level 28 life through harpies and these fire tornado mobs. Oh yeah … snakes. Lots of snakes. Incase you have a low level you want to grab the cloak.