Ran across this piece on Jessica Price

Lots of drama in the community. Summed up by YongYea

Something to provide additional context as the video doesn’t explain it sufficiently up front.

Derior isn’t just “a member of the Guild Wars 2 community.” He’s a recognized partner and one of the few people who has had Arenanet make an NPC named after them.

I’ve got an NPC named after me in GW1. I was fortunate to be part of the Alpha team for three years. There were 20-30 of us and during the creation of Nightfall we all got NPC’s with variations of our real names. It felt pretty awesome.


Not sure how they knew my belly look like that lol

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HE does a great job I was very impressed by this piece.

Wooden Potatoes did a pretty balanced video on this whole kerfluffle. It’s quite long, like most of his vids, but quite thorough.

I’m sick of the whole thing myself, but if you want more info, I can recommend his video.

I watched these when it first exploded. YY had a good take on it. I see the internet rage has spawned upon ArenaNet … who did nothing wrong in my eyes. Did they deserve to lose their jobs? Well, when you attack your customer base on a public forum, it’s a bit difficult to say they have the ability to act in your best interest.

I’ve been following this also. It’s not the Gamer Gate that some tried to make it into.

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I actually see it as being very similar. Just not in the way it was popularly portrayed but in the way it actually was. I mean the two media outlets that covered it, Kotaku and Verge, were very much in the middle of the GamerGate bruhaha. And, just as back then, they were very sympathetic to the subjects at hand and very quick to judge, lambast even, anyone who ran counter to the story as presented by the person on whose behalf they were “reporting.”

The difference between now and then is that people, in general, are looking at what Price did and seeing it for what it is; blowing a simple disagreement way out of proportion with unfounded accusations of sexism and misogyny. But in that it is very much the same, just that more people are willing to look at what actually happened instead of just taking the TL;DR at face value.

Now if only they could revisit what happened a few years ago with that in mind.

Please, I beg of you all, don’t start a Gamer Gate discussion here. I cannot imagine it ending anything but badly. :slight_smile:

(That wasn’t an order, just a plea for sanity.)


I’d heard about an A-Net employee getting fired over a twitter fight but hadn’t known it was Jessica Price. Heh. I didn’t even know she was working fro A-Net.

I’m been familiar with Ms. Price since she worked for Paizo for years as project manager for the Pathfinder RPG table top game.

Jessica’s really good, but she’s definitely a hothead. I’m surprised it took this long for her to get into a fight with someone on Twitter, though I’m also surprised that A-Net immediately fired her for it.

Jessica calling the streamer an “asshat rando” for mansplaining something was uncalled for, but A-Net valuing streamers over their employees is fucked up.

Except streamers are also customers, there wasn’t actually any mansplaining going on (IMO), and she dished out rather more than one line of insulting, uncalled for, unprofessional garbage.

I woulda been OK with it if they hadn’t fired her, but I guarantee I’d get fired from my job if I behaved like she did towards customers. I am definitely playing the world’s smallest violin for her.

Fair enough!

Sorry for the reference.