Raid Sign Up for PC


Hi all,

I took it upon myself to set up a raid planner for PC Division Clan.

Please note the times on the bottom tabs and the date on the left column.

Discord is mandatory, the appropriate channel to meet in is listed.


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Please note that this does not mean I am organizing the raids (beyond the ones I am in). Just be big boys and show up in the appropriate discord channel at the times you sign up for. :wink:

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I wanna do the raid!! how is it?

Really hard. Needs really geared. Needs really focus. But if you are a sucker for punishment, it is fun.

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hmmm. I may not be geared enough … I’m at 500 … but haven’t done a lot with gear sets or re-spec-ing …

I like to run with LMG and AR … any suggestions on what I should be looking out for?

I would join the OTG discord and ask there. Some of those folks know their stuff. Or just good good DPS Builds.

I am not really the guy to ask :wink:

I am on the iPad now and want to sing up but can edit the google doc, will try later on the PC when I get home from work. Or are we to add our time and days here in this thread ?

Use the google doc from your PC. Thanks.

Got it :wink: