Raid calendar?


With the Raid just about to kick off, are there any plans on setting up times and making teams? A raid calendar so to speak that we can sign up for? This would allow those of us with more strict schedules to plan a time to meet up.

I am sure there are many of us that want a shot at running it with our respective clans. As noted by individuals, some of the clans will not have enough participants at any given time to field an 8 man team for various reasons (lack of participation, gear scores not up to par, lack of interest, etc). For example, to get the amount of mission runs I like to do, I find I rely heavily on matchmaking. Not a problem for missions, but I would rather not have to do the raids as a PUG (at least not before I learn the mechanics).

Just thought I start the idea of getting like-minded individuals together to beat the raid as a guild.



I second this as it sounds that raids will be a time commitment. Heck from what I have read we can earn a trophy if we can get across the bridge in under an hour, and this is just the first step in a few steps to completing a raid. So I would guess that it could take a few hours give or take to complete a raid until we all learn the raid.

Having a calendar/sign up list could help.



It’d be cool if OTG finished first and was “immortalized in the White House”.





Let’s do it… :fist::muscle:



Let’s get this going! No match making and rewards if completed in the first couple of days too!



I will be free this coming weekend Sat, Sun & Mon, EST to group up with peeps for the raid. Will not have the time to do it tonight but may have enough energy to try for Friday night around 7:00 PM EST if any one want to give the raid a go?