Ok next question . Should I do “my” race agents to get the faction points or start over in Ammar with there agents with my Gallente char for Armmar faction points ? Have almost all ships and stuff I want to take to Aghesi where I will be based out of.

I chose to max Amarr and Caldari, but it is possible to not be hated by half the universe. Basically, you need to watch your standings and run missions for the lower ones before things go really wrong.

Race doesn’t really matter much to be honest unless you are staying free to play for skill limits caps. Faction standing does matter if you plan on being in highsec for the long term since they view each empire differently. When you get rep with one some will go up some will go down. if it’s really a concern please look at the mission guides to see if there is any faction losses when killing certain npcs during the mission and either avoid poping them or not accepting the misson. Some standing losses are impossible to avoid due to the missions you accept that raise your standing when completing.

Generally, you can divide the empires into 2 groups, amarr and caldari, and then gallente and mimitars. If you raise in amarr you get caldari as a bonus but gall and mimitar reps will go down. The sisters of eve epic arc mission will help you raise your faction standings with any empire without penalty by a large amount but can only be run once every 3 months or something? If you stick with an empire faction long enough you will get access to their epic arc missions which will net you more rep and special rewards. Please note the difficulty of epic arc missions can exceed rank 4 missions easily, and must not be taken lightly.

If you’re a little more adventurous I recommend getting out of high sec and joining goons since you can easily net yourself enough income to inject your way into a carrier. Please be aware though, nullsec is a place of pvp.

Please note I Have won at eve and am no longer subscribed.