Quick play

Howdy! Myself and another OTG member are looking for some folks to play with in quick play. Competitive isn’t really for us but we’d like to organize with some like minded players and have fun on a team. I can flex, most my time is spent on tanks (shocker :smiley:).

If there is any interest, I’ll respond back with my Btag, thanks!

I play as well my btag is raven#11666

hey! I sent a friend request :smiley:

ashiOTG#1540 here

Hey, guys. I’m a brand new member here, but do enjoy a good game of Overwatch from time to time. If anyone is still playing and would like to team up for some Quickplay matches, reach out on Battle.net.



I may dip back in for the anniversary event, but if the rumored “major changes” aren’t enough I probably won’t stay.
I stopped because the team lottery (of pug players) was just not fun for me. Don’t get me wrong, I want to play Overwatch, but if it’s not fun (even in a win) then I have other games to play.

Totally understand that. It definitely gets frustrating when you go from playing one successful game with a group of people who are respectful and skilled to another game with those who don’t work as a team and blame and insult each other. It often dictates the duration of my play sessions. That said, I love the art, the characters, and the class dynamics of the game, so I keep coming back for more. Regardless, if anyone gets the itch, look me up. My schedule is pretty crazy these days, so I won’t always be available. But it can’t hurt to ask.

This is the change I have been waiting for. I look forward to reading about the re-balances of alot of the roster. Will definitely be trying this out when it goes live in September!

Also because I’ll be burned out on Apex by then lol

Here’s another good video detailing the many changes that have happened so far!

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