Quick cheese biscuits


I love baking and stuff. I like to take recipes and like Chef Michael Smith says a recipe is only a set of suggestions. Once you start changing things it becomes yours. The much-used card below is the original recipe for Quick Cheese Biscuits. It’s not bad but it could be more interesting. :slight_smile:

I’ve doubled the recipe and changed it up a bit:

I’ve added whole wheat flour and dump them in a Cuisinart mixing bowl.

Added Baking powder

Almost tripled the cheese (I love cheese!!)

Added Red Thai Chilli Pepper

Added the margarine (I didn’t have any butter) and the milk and mixed it up

I put tablespoons (the cutlery not the measuring spoon) of the batter in a sprayed nonstick muffin tin.

Then I added more cheese (Have I mentioned that I love cheese?) Parmasean Cheese, and ground out a bit of the peppercorn medley grinder thingy.

I removed them from the tin and placed them on a cooling rack

All done! There not bad. The heat really ramps up too…lol

They don’t rise much at all so feel free to add two tablespoons to the muffin tin.


I think some grated ginger would go well with that :slight_smile: And diced onion while we’re at it! And one of the reasons it doesn’t rise very much is your use of margarine instead of butter. Bit more baking powder for whole wheat flours also never hurts.


Don’t forget the bacon!!! Those look incredibly yummy.


Look so tasty! :drooling_face:

mmmmm … the thought of some olive oil , chopped onions, dash or two of garlic (I love garlic) added into the mix.

and YES … bacon … omg baaay-kin, and the garlic, and the cheese, and the chili peppers, and crispy crunchy cheesey corners of the muffins (imagine Cicero’s voice from ES 5 Skyrim shrieking this line)