Questions that come up

Thought I’d make a thread for answering questions if discord isn’t handy.

My first: In the guild channel in game there is a section with people asking you to…what? There is an accept/decline button but I have no clue what is being asked…Friend requests? Party invites? I can’t see where it says anywhere so I didn’t accept anything yet and yes I’m probably dumb and missing something here but chalk it up to old age…that’s always my excuse for anything these days…and raise your voice up an octave when you answer someone…

I think what you are seeing are the guild requests. If I’m remembering correctly from last night, it is the right-most tab on the guild page. Since I’m a peon rank in my guild, I just ignore those buttons and let the big-wigs take care of them.

Thanks! I was somewhat confused. Since I’m also a peon I figured they would only show up in the Officer’s Mess. I shall continue to mind my own business unless I can practical joke someone and get away with it. :slight_smile:

That is an invite to a “guild” chat…

A private chat? How is that different than being in the guild channel? Or is it like a private ‘party’ chat? I’m even more confused now :smiley:

Seeking discourse regarding any substance to the discordant rumor that Avesta is/was locked out?

That looks like it’s true. Avesta and several more of the East coast servers and a couple West coast servers. If you already have characters there I think they said you can make more but they won’t be adding new players…which sucks for those waiting for f2p to join the guild. There are a lot of unhappy people on the official forums to say the least…the odd thing to me at least is I have yet to be in a queue…

edit: 9:45pm pst…three of the East Coast servers have red warnings ‘Cannot create’ for characters…but Avesta did not so maybe things are ok…but the way things go: you never know. RNG

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ah yes, that would be me no longer wondering what that wooshing sound was all about…

Guess I’ll wait and see if a plan B develops for us homeless effteepeers. Worst case, give it four months until they begin merging servers.

Thanks for the update, t-minus 10:48 and counting…

As of this morning at 7 am eastern, Avesta was closed for new players

T-plus 2:37 and still waiting for launch. Must be the weather.

Whether they work it out, you mean?