Question on writs and resources

So I have one main character now running around gathering skyshards and harvesting materials. I have the other 5 characters sitting in town doing writs.

I have two problems with writs- Enchanting and Jewelry crafting. I think I get stuck on not having Ja runes for enchanting. I also am stuck on silver ounces on Jewelry crafting. I was trying to understand why.

I think what is going on is for Jewelry crafting, my gatherer main is on the first tier of it, but my crafting alt who I am trying to push is around 29. I think if I understand the system right, the nodes you gather scale with your crafting passives, so likely my lower level main is simply gathering low level materials, and I should catch him up with my other crafter to fix that logjam. There is no hireling for Jewel crafting, so the only mats I get are from deconstruction and harvesting.

For enchanting I can do the top tier writs no problem as I open the hirelings mail on my main lvl 50 enchanter. It is the lower tier enchanters that are getting stuck. I think my gatherer main is over the level of the rest of them.

Have you guys run into this problem before?

You are completely correct.

Basically your gatherer will gather materials for its crafting level and one level below it, your hireling will give you crafting materials for your crafting level, and your writ will reward crafting materials for your level and one above it (if possible).

For enchanting, you can always buy from the enchanting vendor that should be near the table.

The other thing you need to keep an eye out for, is that sometimes a writ will give an map item that refers to a location, if you go there, there will be a LOT of nodes for you to harvest. Again, this is crafter level related.

That’s why my main crafter is also my main gatherer (and sucks at combat)

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Thanks so much Splutty.

I will check that enchanter for the missing runes.

I am making so much gold from writs that I just might roll back my potency improvement by 1 in a character reset to align better to the materials on hand. Eventually everyone will ding together to the next tier, and have hirelings bring back the next tier resources.

The issue seems to be more with the crafts that lack hirelings. Alchemy I am good with, except I routinely get stuck on the mud beetle chitin or whatever it is called. I have got it by killing non hostile crabs on the shore, but I have yet to locate a decent supply for it. I usually just pass on that day, abandon the writ the next day, and see what comes up.

Jewelry Crafting is another pickle though. There is no hireling, and I need to catch up my main. My crafter (Noto Boil/ Stamina Templar) is at 29 JC, and my main (Abutuyata/Stamina Nightblade) is around 9 JC. I think what I might do is run dolmen in Alik’r Desert with my crafter and grind up Fighter’s Guild and get a bunch of ring drops, then dump them on my gatherer for decon to get a lot of advancement fast. Or I could just take out the crafter for a spin. I already have max Fighter’s Guild on my Nightblade, so the dolmen grind lacks appeal there.

If you respec only put points into crafting skills on one character, the dailies reward gold based on character level not skill level. You can run the dailies on the characters with no crafting points and you will get rewards at that level so you always have mats for the dailes and still gets writs.

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For jewelcrafting leveling, your best bet is to run events that have a high chance of dropping rings and amulets and then just deconstruct those. Which on rereading your post, you’re already sort of doing. lol

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I was thinking I had to run up craft levels on all toons to get the hirelings to return the high level mats needed to make end game stuff. But for things like enchanting and JC, maybe it just is not worth it at all. If I am running them around, then likely I want to be high levels in crafts so I can gather high level mats as I go, right?

You can take the hirelings and skills that increase the amount you craft every month but putting points into increasing the level of your items on more than one character is pointless.

I think it comes down to whether or not you can open hirelings mail on another toon and have those mats scale with person opening. I did a few checks. You can ignore your mail when you log onto an alt, and you can open that up on another. I did not check to see if the mats came out higher by doing this.

For instance my necromancer is new and has less than 50 in trade skills. I have some tier of hirelings on him. If say I grind up blacksmithing to 50 by mass deconstruction, that unlocks all tiers of hirelings and the gathering detection range. For now most of these alts just sit there with only craft skills specified in addition to a few 1-point allocations in the categories of skills I wish to slowly grind to 50. Each writ turn in generates experience too, so I have been able to passively up skill lines by doing writs on inactive characters over time.

Where it stands now though is if I have an alt with say 50 blacksmithing, I will have 10/10 in blacksmithing with 3/3 in hireling. If I go to 1/10 in blacksmithing with 3/3 in hireling, and open his hireling mail on a 50 blacksmith, will I get blacksmith mats scaled to 50, or blacksmith materials scaled to 1/50? If it is the former, that is 9 points I get back, which would be very helpful when I dust it off and resume levelling.

From a writ standpoint, the writs seem to generate gold and exp based upon your character level. But I will only see master writs on the 50 skill toons, which is argument enough to hold 10/10 in something like blacksmithing as long as the toon is inactive.

As I grind to 50 though on these alts, I do unlock passives. For instance I can go 3/3 on potion duration from Alchemy because I ran it up, and get a nice boost.

27Jun2019 Update- if you open the mail, it will open at the tier you have. You can leave it unopened on all low level toons, and just open it on the high level toon. Gathering associated with that profession will track the tier level of the skill. This was driven home to me when my crafter in JC needed silver and my main had a lower JC skill and was not gathering that type. Writs seem to reward better if you have a higher tier skill. So the guys at 50 seem to have a better chance at goodies. Also you will tend to at some point glut in end game materials, and so it is better to have everyone at the higher tiers to exploit that big supply when they do writs, rather than run down say your 30-something mats.

If you are passively crafting, you can just dispense with Keen Eye. You are not gathering. 3/3 hireling is nice, but what I am seeing is the lion’s share of my mats come from surveys now. If I open all mail on all toons I maybe have to refine 2 stacks (20 resources) per type. But after I run surveys, I come back with 10+ stacks to refine. So if you are point squeezed, maybe dump the hireling.

Crafting extra of the type is great. You will get a daily for it, and over-produce. Just keep the extras in inventory, and when that one comes up again, you just turn that in. Saves you resources.

If you are leveling up a skill, then it helps having points in deconstruction yield. I think you can leave the crafting tier be low if you like, but getting more from the mountains of stuff you deconstruct is nice.