[Quest Complete] Classic Chapter is Looking for assistance!

We’re 5 people short of signatures for our WoW Classic Season of Mastery OTG Alliance guild. We haven’t picked a server for horde yet.

Can anyone help us? You are welcome to stay or go as you wish.

To get to our server you need to select World of Warcraft Classic version on the launcher (Not burning crusade classic) At the bottom of the server list click the seasonal tab. We are on the Shadowstrike server. I’m currently questing in darnasus. (Character Name: Kellethryn)

To get to OTG chat:
type /join OTG Chapter

Chapter being the password

Season of Mastery lasts 1 year and at the end, you are given a free server transfer.

See here for info on the differences between standard wow classic and season off mastery:


I can help. :grinning: you still on?

Ok I have created Aerythe on Shadowstrike. You can reach me on Discord. I already sent you a PM. Just let me know. I’ll be on and offline a couple times but I will be here at least for another hour. Just not ingame. Going to Darnassus now.


4 more are needed, we’re getting closer. Thanks to those that have signed so far!!


Thanks to all who’ve signed so far need 3 more…

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Ok, I’ve created a NE hunter named “Nyls” to help you all out. But since no one is on at this time (11:49pm EST), I’ll check in with you tomorrow morning after I have my breakfast.

lyn :grin:

sorry I missed you

I have all the sigs I need for the alliance. Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:


I need 8 more sigs for Horde on Shadowstrike. :slight_smile:

Kelryth, I may be able to help out there too, but which starting area do you plan to be in for the signatures? I’ll need to start a horde toon as well but its been so long since I played horde I have no idea how the starting zones are set up any more.


I’m in org at the moment so orc or troll would be closer.

Edit: I’m at the started area for orc and troll so you don’t need to run all the way to org

Ok, give me a few and I’ll switch to that server.

Ok, not sure you can see me typing…I used the /join OTG Chapter to get into the OTG chat…was that the correct one for horde?

Anyway, toon name is Woopsie and its a Troll hunter

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orc named macneel in starting zone to sign charter

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We’re getting there, just need 5 more.

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Two sigs to go!! :slight_smile:


the last item in a quest is always the hardest.

Thanks, everyone. both guilds are up.


Job well done Kel… thank you…

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