Quantum drive and the S - M - L single person transports (fighters)

Ok for those who are in the current build (3.4…) and may not know this, fighters don’t have the legs to Q-drive from Hurston to Olisar without several stops to cool down your engines. But what you may not know is that if you adjust your power triangle to about 80% engines, you wont have any troubles. A lot of us seem to want to go into the parts screen and overclock the coolers, this way is simpler and quicker. As always SC is a work in progress, so expect changes.

Good info.
Also keep in mind you can upgrade ship components. If you have civilian grade parts you will find better performance from military grade parts. Shops that sell parts can be found in Grim Hex, Port Olisar, Levski and Lorville on Hurston.

For most ships you want to overclock coolers all the time, and never overclock weapons. While you will get BIG pew pew from OC the weapons, you will also generate a ridiculous amount of heat and eat up all of your power. Better to feed the weapons with power, cool them off faster and use them in “standard” mode.

Another thing to note, you do not have to Overclock to improve performance. You can simply dial them up a little on the power slider, instead of a full overclock. This can be very useful in fine tuning performance on all of your components.