PvP for fun and profit!

So I figured I’ve been doing a bunch of PVP so I’d give a quick summary of the system. Feel free to ask any questions!

Why PvP:

  1. For fun, the matchmaking is pretty good for solo, you get to be on a team of 3 people vs 3 (so when you lose it’s not just your fault) and you get to test out character skills, nice when learning a new alt.

  2. If you enjoy it, then you get profits. I’m not encouraging anyone to PvP who does not enjoy it, because you need to do it a lot to get the rewards. I’ve done about 350 matches which puts me at Supreme 5. The rewards are like guild bloodstone rewards, but pvp rank instead of guild shop rank. You easily get enough to empty out the pvp shop every week.

Mechanics: you get different amounts of points for different battle types. The best for time/points is Team Deathmatch (170 points win, 99 points for a loss). Matches are just a few minutes. The occasional coop battle gives about twice as many points, but takes twice as long. It’s fun though, 6 vs 6!

Points translate to XP, based on other people playing. So if you play more than 50% of people in a week, you get X amount of XP. That XP then puts you up ranks.

The matchmaking system will try to keep you at 50/50 (I’m at exactly 50% win/loss rate). Luck plays a factor, but over time you will have it even out, so expect to lose about half the time. Still get a ton of points for a loss, so just enjoy it!


@Lot totally missed this! Great write-up!