PUG Raids available


For those of us who are interested, Outlaws are running weekend pug raids open to those in other guilds. They start at 10 AM EST and run until about noon. If you are interested, we need to get you in Outlaws discord channel. See me for more details.

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Raid Looting Rules:
We will use standard Random 100 High Roll Wins on all loot. There will be 3 categories for Rolls:
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  1. Armor/Weapons
  2. Adorns
  3. Specialty Items (celestial ore/mounts/other rare items ID’d by the Raid Leaders)
    Once you Win ONE loot from a category you are OUT in that category for the remainder of the Raid. You may continue to roll in other categories until you win a loot in each. We are not going to have spreadsheets, points or tracking so YOU ARE ON YOUR HONOR.
    If the Raid Leader(s) catch you abusing this trust you can be kicked from the current raid and possibly barred from future SRF aka NRT Raids. Any disputes will be decided by the Raid Leader and that decision is final.
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    Raid Minimums:
  4. Resolve = 1490+
  5. HPs = 110M nontanks/170M tanks
  6. Crit Bonus = 3800+ before applying temp adorn buffs.
  7. Potency = 68000+
  8. NOT BE A MRT/ART MAIN OR APPROVED ALT. This raid will give you a lockout timer for the zones those forces are doing. Do not bring toons currently on either raid’s roster.


Raid Times and Goals :

Raid will muster at 9:45 am EST on Sundays. Zone in will be at 10:00 am EST Sundays.

----- Have your gear temped, your mercs down and quest in book. I won’t wait around for you to finish a solo, make one more combine or feed the cat.

SRF aka NRT will only kill three (3) Raid Bosses per raid. Don’t send me tells about doing more or I’ll kick you



You can send message to Meilay for Discord invite.



This raid is for people who want to stay in OTG and still be able to do a bit of raiding. If you are on the lower end of suggested stats then maybe try the contested raids usually run on Thursday and Friday, sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. After a few raids you should get your blue adorn for fervor. It is a challenge and you do need to listen but it is fun.