PSO2: will anyone be playing?

I’m hype for PC release in NA.

I’m planning to check it out. Haven’t played a PS game since the Sega Master System original, so I have no idea what I’m in for… but it looks cool! :slight_smile:

I remember years ago playing the Japanese version with no translation and loving every second. Told myself I’ll wait for the US release and now years later I look forward to playing it.

Thanks for the heads up! I clicked the link and saw closed beta for Xbox 1 on February 7, so I followed the directions to get it ready.

I’m glad that I saw this message. I had it on my radar but lost track of the timing. Hopefully I’ll be able to give it a shot this weekend.

I will try it this weekend I’m sure, KIT and let’s give it a shot!

Trying to create a character is a challenge in this game lol! Maybe I will try again later.

So I got to try it out yesterday for a little bit. Fun game! Good action mmorpg, easily to jump in and out in short sessions. I only tried a caster class (Force) but it seems the game encourages you to try all classes. With a system like this it keeps finding pick up groups at all levels easy enough. I’ll try to jump on later to try out another class after I get some work done.

If anyone has an Xbox One, you should try it out!

I’ll be giving it a shot come the PC release.

Is there an OTG chapter here?

I’m gonna give it a shot, I think I played a PSO on the xbox, but it has been forever.