PSN Friends List

Will migrate over the PS4 Friends list from the old forum when time allows and if I can disable read only on my post, otherwise we start over.

Forum Name PSN ID Timezone Playing Time/Day
Aeville Twinn AevilleTwinn
Aethellian Aethellian
Androphonos TheAeonsophia
Angrybee Fargo1019
AsphaltRanger AsphaltRanger
AstroCat AstroCat
Augdawg Augdawg69
Azathul Azathul
Azazelbishop Azazelbishop
Baelron GreatfulDad17
Balak Balak09
Basuei Basuei
Bedrock Bedrock77 MST Sat/Sun 2-5PM, Mon-Fri Random between 5-7PM
Benbrada Benbrada CST Lunch time and late night, 9pm CST - 1 am CST
berean Berean
Beornin Orloth
Bloodwraith0 bloodwraith0
Buddyleviathan Buddyleviathon
Calcographer Calcographer
Captainzoli Captainzoli
Casper1982 GonCasper
Catdaddy Msmcclure
Copstash Velixitron
Covert Adnap-1968
Dactyl Dactyl_Danesti
Danknutia Dodekan
Devil Motors DevilMotors
Dfuzed DFuzed
Digityze Digityze
Doc11269 Doc11269
Donzi42 Donzi42
DrPox Drpox
Effjay Effjay40
Egile Egile190
Elchivato Elchivato99
Ellyl GirlFriday7
Eroica Roenbaeck
Floyd_The_Barber FloydDaBarber
Grimklaw Grimbane09
Griz Griz447
Gwendle ranmanb
Hammy Hamms
HunterCo HunterCo360
Indigo Prophet Savage_Cheez
Infinit Inf1n1t3madn3ss
Isk Panjiko
Jameserec jameserec CST
Jason Jhosler2
Jhaelen Blacklung007
Kasen Kasen23
Kcina JJBQ
Kil Kil
Killdare Groundscan
Klevermonicker Klevermonicker
KuruptU4Fun KuruptU4Fun
Kommissar Cpl_Bloggins_420
Kyrin K7Sniper
Krondakka Dakkadakka
Leadpipe Jeff2Point0
Logossarian Logossarian
Macleods Macleods01
Magai MagaiOTG
MercuryDomini Jdubfish
Mezilar BigDaddyHonk
Mordegan LordMordegan
Moriir Moriir
Nighteye Niitii
Nightreign DoomProphetx
Ninefingers Mektrain
Oobachumba Oobachumba
Patience TheCynder78
Poboy Poboy7
PrestoDigito PrestoDigito
Qore Qoreman1
Raific Raific
Ravenjim Ravenjim
Redwynn Redwynnmeska
Rescorla Rescorla911
RevZMan revzman123 EST
Rhas Sarendalar
Ryukan TheFursnake
Sanpuu Geodragon
Sarrian Wutizimo
Saxon FILE_PRJ2501
Scratch Gyle
Shadowborne Ramodil
ShivaNataraja ShivaNata
SINJIN DarthSinJin
Sleik BJKarper
Slyzon23 Slyzon23
Snoopy nascar9jeff
Splatter_Grunt Splatter_Grunt
Staubach CSMIT69
Tarthus Djerdah
Terganus Nykorr
Thaelric Evil_mike
ThaShowStopper ThaShowStopper
Threemoons Three_Moons
Tycel2004 Tycel2004
TyCiric TyCiric
Uzi UziOTG
VEDragonLord TheRatKing013
Viper90xt Viper90xt
Void Thigh_Puncher MST
Waters Carnun
Wembley NoPhate
Wildfires WildfiresOTG
Wont LXLCreative EST
Wynnt Lions Liquidbible
Xathos Kenrich
Xinra Xinra68
Xipton Xipton
Y2kShocker Y2kshocker
Zerki OTG_Zerki


Forum Name PSN ID
Bigbadbull Bigbadbull
Brewmaster Texasbock74
Caedus Byrnedairy
Calamus SinYourFractal
Cybon CDRCybon
Cylence Cynotik_
Deltoro Delltoro
Dosage Dosage_Zero
DragonBorn2013 T3hGunSl1ng3r
Finbar Finn_Swake)
Glen Chaoticevl)
Gregor Vernof GregorVernof
Izgimmer Izgimmer
Jiago dsmorris80
Kalizaar KalizaarsWrath
KyJenn KyJenn
LaBigBro LaBigBro
LordFaux ArabObama
McLight McLight
Pibbz O_Pibbz_O
Saluki Jeff SalukiJeff
Skafloc Skafloc4
Sock Sockninja
Sterlind zspark
Thage22 Theage23
Tykoon Psx0302
Untothesun Untothesun

You mean read-only on the vBulletin side? You can still copy it, but you’d have to do any editing over here once you’ve pasted it.

Yeah, it’d be so much easier to just cut and paste the BBCode over then to recreate it from scratch… Any chance someone can do that and I can fix up the rough edges?

Copy / paste should work?

@bedrock Done! You hopefully should still be able to edit. Will add inactive at the bottom.

@Everyone New PS4 Community re-created sometime tomorrow, if re-invite needed don’t forget to include your forum name!

Thank you @Benbrada ! Appreciate it.

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You can add me, thought I was already on list but I guess not… I sometimes play on PS4…

OTG Forum name is “Wembley”

PSN ID is: “NoPhate”

PSN ID: FloydDaBarber. Been playing some Destiny 2 lately. Do we have an active D2 clan for ps4? Kerian told me we had one so I requested an invite but I assume it doesn’t see much activity.

PSN ID: TheAeonsophia. I play a lot of Destiny 2, and have a small clan with mostly local expats living here in Japan. The clan is JAL (Japanese Alien Legion). We usually play evenings 9pm to midnight, JST. I work late afternoons and evenings but can be found on at pretty much any time, say hi!

Anyway, feel free to hit me up anytime I’m on PSN, I know I’m friends with many of you though we haven’t actually had a chance to play together.

As far as other games, I know I’m evil and what is wrong with the gaming community, but I’ve already preordered Fallout 76 and Anthem (Power Armor!) and would love to play with OTG people.

Take care,


Got you added Wembley and you are correct, I did add you once before, something was just lost in translation from the old server. :smile:

Floyd you are added too, Androphonos you were on the list bud.

If you would add me please, just picked a ps4 up, “for my son” LOL


I also requested access to the OTG community group.

Added ya! :smile: Sure, for your son… haha

I’m playing the following PS4

Last of Us

Horizon Zero Dawn

Detroit Become Human

Berean is my name

Find me :ok_hand:

Forum Name: Griz
PSN ID: Griz447

Love all those games… Last of Us is an all time favorite though… looking forward to the second one! :slight_smile:

Gotcha added Griz!

Could you add jameserec to the friends list…OTG name jameserec…PSN name Jameserec…time zone CST

Added, sir.