Provisioner writs

I am having trouble completing provisioner writs. They always ask for a recipe I do not have. I did a little digging, and it seems that you need to just loot baskets, bags and other food sources to find recipes. I also saw something that 75% of what you loot tracks your skill level. I also read that if you set up your alts at the different tiers of provisioning, their hirelings have a chance to bring back recipes on that tier, and thus you can fill out your collection.

So that is what I found. Do you guys have any tips for doing these? Or do you just not bother with provisioning writs?

The other writs are working well for me. I have a couple mods that speed up the process of crafting them, and they are really handy. I have been running all 6 of my toons through writs, and I am making decent gold, getting fair XP for just a log in, getting surveys, ornate gear for gold…it is just mostly upside. It is the provisioner part that bugs me.

HI, Anything dealing with Food or Drinks in ESO are Hard to find. Check the Guild Traders and just keep looking. Also send out Zone messages asking if anyone has it for Sale.


Usually, but not always; the recipe that you are asked to make, is available from the Chef right there by the fire, or the Brewer . I use Mornhold to do my crafting and writs. Provisioning is in the lower floor of the Tavern.

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Yep, what Maxina said. Those teir 1 writs involve recipes that you can buy from the chef and brewer in the starting city of whatever faction you are. The recipes are different based on your faction, so if you happen to be crafting in the wrong city, you won’t find them on the chef and brewer there.

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Thank you for asking this question.
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Not really anymore. All 6 recipes per provisioning level are for sale at all chefs/brewers. (obviously the food at the chefs and the drinks at the brewer)

While all recipes for your level are available at any Chef/Brewer, they’re quite expensive there. You can often find them for a much better price at guild traders. Also many guildies have them floating around in their bank/inventories from time to time, so asking in chat for those you’re missing will often get you what you need. Here’s a little spreadsheet I made that breaks the recipes down by Provisioning level and faction. If you’re EP, for example, you won’t need the AD or DC recipes. For those marked as “ALL” factions, you will need them all in order to complete your writs.

Provisioning Recipes


I was similarly frustrated as a noob. Until someone told me what Maxina posted. I always have the recipe now.

Thank you for that tip. Does the Mornhold brewer and chef have all 6 you need? Or are there other good chefs/brewers to visit? I have been crafting out of Summerset, since that SW city has all of the crafters in a nice circle, including JC.

Another strategy question- my alts have 50 provisioning. It is really easy to get it. I have settled on this mode where if a character is ‘parked’ I strip off morphs and skills, spec into crafting as much as possible, and just log daily to do writs. They have hirelings, and my understanding is the hireling brings back mats based upon recipe improvement. But I have found this trick where if you log to a lower craft skill toon with a hireling, click on the mail but not open it, then open it up on a lvl 50 rank crafter, you can get top tier mats.

So here is the question- if you have 50 provisioning with 1/6 points in Recipe Improvement, do you get a tier 1 low level writ? If so, then I should yank points out of Recipe Improvement so as to be able to complete those writs on a daily basis, and do the trick with the hirelings to generate the high end provisioning mats.

Also does research give inspiration crafting experience? I had been dumping random traits in my bank, but I do have one guy who has pretty much all the traits. So I was thinking I could have him make some crappy low level stuff for research to let the others grind up skill in crafts, and then deconstruct all items for which he already has the trait learned.

I have provisioner alts of each level, because the reward bag also include recipes of those levels.

That was a very handy spreadsheet. Thanks

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This was a good answer. I was able to get the recipes I needed from the brewer and chef.

You’re quite welcome for the sheet.

Vivec is also very good. Better IMO. I recommend you park one there & see how you like it.

I’m quite confused how you get this to work. The hirling mails are toon specific. Do you mean that if you open a higher level toon’s hireling mails after doing this ‘trick’ then you think you get higher tier mats? I’d be very interested if you can determine that this actually works! :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s correct. The writ, for any profession, is based upon how many skill points you’ve invested in that craft’s improvement level. Also, Master Writs will only drop if you’ve maxed the improvement level. (Though with Provisioning, I don’t bother with Master Writs.)

No, none. There is speculation, however, that researching traits can improve the drop rate of Master Writs. I have yet to see any hard evidence of this, but it seems to me to be the case.

I also have my master crafter maker lvl 1 researchable items for my other toons to learn the traits. I find it very handy to have the Trait Buddy add-on in order to quickly see what my alts know/need. CraftStore is the most popular one for this, but I dislike the interface, overreach, and author, so I don’t use it anymore. Hope this helps! :smile:

You left click the mail, but do not loot contents. Then you switch to a 50 toon, and you will see the mail from your other alt. When you collect it with your 50, it will be that level.