Private Beta Times and New Launch Video for Division 2

The Division 2 has a launch date for their “private beta”, which is just a pre-release for those who pre-ordered. It is only a weekend long.

There is also a new launch trailer in this article.

By now, I thought I would be bored of the whole post-apocalypse thing, but they just keep on coming.

That said, it is likely that I will play this. I will be waiting for initial preview reviews from certain gamers.

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Haven’t pre-ordered yet but definitely planning on playing Division 2.

Undecided on Anthem as of now.

I wasn’t going to play this game but I bought a new AMD card and got the game for free… sort of… :slight_smile:

Sort of? And mind shooting me the URL for that deal? :slight_smile:

Thanks. should get you there.

I know I shouldn’t expect it with the sequel, but I keep hoping to see another round of live action shorts/movies like they did with “Agent Origins”. The quality of those are top notch.

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Forgot about those, thanks for the reminder!

All 4 are free to watch on Steam.

Or on Ubisoft’s Youtube page as well: [Edit … I reordered them so that they make more sense, they are numbered on Youtube in the order they were actually released, I believe … but #1 is what actually brings them together so it makes more sense to me to see it last]

Or there is the ‘merged’ version that makes a 30+ minute movie in a more common flow:


Hopefully we have enough people to at least make a 4 man team. I hate going into the DZ alone.

the division 2 did add guilds into the game this time and you can level up the guild and get guild quest… the dark zone pvp is better if you do not go rouge you can not do damage to other players unless they are rouge

and they added domination and elimination matches for (4v4) pvp players


that sounds good, I hated when people would jump in front of you so you went rogue. Got killed a few times from that. I didn’t like that they put good stuff in the DZ and then you got nothing if someone killed you before you got your loot extracted. At least it sounds like you will get some loot that doesn’t need extraction in D2.

I’ll be playing the Division 2 private beta. I like what they’ve done with the three separate dark zones. I may actually want to check them out.

I am sure there are still going to be people who want to grief people in the DZ. Maybe the changes will limit that and maybe not. I just hated in getting nothing for my efforts due to ganking.

I strictly avoided the DZ on my first playthrough of The Division. I started leveling a 2nd character finally about a week ago just to get a refresh feel for the game ahead of the launch of the sequel, and spent some actual time in the DZ for a change. Not much, mind you … forced PvP rogue status just from accidentally shooting someone who gets in your way isn’t really my thing. I may change my mind with that apparently not being an issue in the 2nd game, time will tell.

I like that they have added guilds/clans to The Division 2, but I’m sure the member count will be very limited. If it’s around 50 or so as I’ve heard rumored, I wouldn’t be surprised to find OTG fielding at least that many interested members. Time will tell.

Global Start Times for The Division 2 Beta:

I will be picking the game up… And something you should all check… Look in your “games” area in your Ubisoft launcher. I did and I see the Private Beta for Division 2 with the launch times (Preload time, launch time and end time) and I did NOT pre-purchase the game, but I did sign up for the beta.

Check and see if you are in too.

I’m on the fence … I never buy games right away but this seems promising. Seriously, I have yet to pre-order a game since GTA: San Andreas was released. Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be added to that short list of games and I’m seriously considering this one too. GMG has a 16% off discount right now but I would probably just end up with the standard edition as all the Year 1 content will be free to all tiers with the Season Pass holders getting it 7 days early.

See my poll on the Discord channel. :slight_smile: Thanks!

If anyone gets an extra beta key (if such a things exists) I would like to play. - Thanks.

Pre-load done (Public Info). They said publicly they were going to send out “Friend Codes”. I might not get that email since I got in the beta via sign up and not because of Pre-Purchase (Can’t buy the game till the 13th).

But if I do get a code … 1 is yours.