Prismatic slots

I have some gear with prismatic slots. Do these drop from mobs , awarded from quests , created by enchanters or is it inscribers/inscription? I mean the item/thing you put in the slot. Don’t even know what they’re called. Prismatic Gems?

second question : say I socket a (whatever they’re called) into a prismatic slot then I get an upgrade can I unsocket and re-use it ?

I just began chapter 1 of Maldraxius last night so I have alot to catch up and learn.


Prismatic Sockets are for your gem of choice - Haste, Mastery, Crit, or Vers.

At this point, any JC on can make you any gem you could need. Just ask in Guild Chat.

If you had a haste gem slotted and wanted a Crit gem, it would destroy the Haste Gem currently in the slot when you apply the Crit Gem.

Domination Gear (Raid Gear) use Domination Shards in sockets. These CAN be removed with a chisel you buy from the vendor in order to upgrade or replace the shards with a better version.

Thank you very much for the clarity.