Primal Storms, Dragonflight Pre-Patch Event

Looks like a combination of the Shadowlands & Legion pre-patch events.

4 Zones of Invasion - kill 100 adds removes the Boss’ shield

Collect Currency Drops to buy gear/toy from vendor (gear drops from mobs/boss as well)

Gear is 252ilvl, covers all slots, including weapons, rings, trinkets.

Kill all 4 Elemental Lords for Heirloom Trinket fragments- combine all 4 for item

Wowhead said the event was bugged and could only test it for awhile.

They said it was roughly on a 30 minute timer.

I would think the mass of people sitting at a spawn point will make short work of the 100 adds and boss before moving to the next zone across the world.

Earth Invasions happen in Northern Barrens;
Fire Invasions happen in Tirisfal Glades;
Storm Invasions happen in Un’Goro Crater;
Water Invasions happen in Badlands.


Yea…I remember this happening in Legion too, at least until things calmed down.

Nice to see them using older regions too. I always thought they should have continued to use those after folks leveled out of them. At least for special events once a week or so.

Unstable Elemental Confluence Heirloom Trinket

The last reward for this event is a new Heirloom trinket! This trinket contains Primary stats and a proc that deals Elemental damage to enemies. To craft this trinket, you must obtain a rare drop from all Elemental Lords and combine them:

I wonder if this trinket will be able to be upgraded like other Heirloom gear? Or will it become top of the line at the time its crafted?

Apparently the pre-patch on the ptr was cancelled within hours of its start. There were horrible problems so Bliz shut it down.