Present for wife

Looking for help here. Wifes laptop is almost 8 yrs old and she wants a new desktop for Christmas. Only game she plays on it is WOW but its manly used for here accounting and bookkeeping.
I don’t really know diddly about computers except “OOOOO That looks cool”
I’m looking for a prebuilt around $500 to $600 basic build that can play wow and keep her books.
I’m hopping to get some ideas…Thanks

Its an older website now, but I still like to go to Toms Hardware for current reviews that are mostly still reliable also. Looking for low budget gaming PC check Best PC Builds for Gaming, Streaming and Productivity | Tom's Hardware

Tom’s Hardware is one of my favorite sites for information about anything computer related. I also get some really good tips on what to stay away from based on some reviews they have available.

Also, more often than not, my own pc tech usually agrees 100% with them as well. He’s even pointed out some things from their site for me over the years if he could not provide information I was looking for.

I like to shop the newegg sales for my computers when I upgrade, btw :slight_smile:

If your a Costco member I’d consider buying one through them. Their return policy is great. ie: I had a mini dvd player so I could play movies. I watched maybe 4 or 5 movies then it just sat on a shelf. A year plus later it wouldn’t work and returned it to Costco for a full refund of $200.

The selection will be limited , making a choice easier, you can always upgrade it at a Best Buy or local computer store. I staple the costco reciept to the manual/paper work so I can find it if I need to.