Preload CyberPunk2077

If you got CyberPunk 2077 on Steam. From the Steam Forums for the game.

[DEVELOPER UPDATE] Cyberpunk 2077 pre-load on Steam

The wait is almost over!

If you’re looking to play Cyberpunk 2077 as soon as it’s available you will be able to pre-load the game starting Monday, December 7th at 5PM CET !!!

YA BABY!!! Been waiting a few years for this game, can"t wait!!


yeah, they should release it already since people who preordered physical copies are already playing.

They have already received their physical copies?

yep a couple of days ago, Best Buy sent out early and I think Amazon did too. That is why CDPR said don’t post videos of game play to those that already got the game. Pretty messed up.

Woot! Can’t wait to get off work Thursday… then have Friday/Saturday/Sunday off. :smiley:

Already done predown loading from Steam here and it only 120pm est and with my internet took no time less then an hour

thanks for the reminder, downloading now.

I haven’ really tracked this game , know a little about it, but very little, with nothing to play right now I’m going to pick this up. I just skimmed a review on PC Gamer and it mentioned bugs, but hopefully they’ll patch it up.

in a review from Yongyea, he said it was the most amazing game that he has played to summarize. It does have some bugs on the prerelease, but hopefully the day zero patch takes care of those or at least some of them anyway.

I preordered the game from Amazon. Will download and play it when I can. Supposed to be this Thursday, Dec. 10. Looking forward to it. And a very, merry Christmas to all. Enjoy.

This is Wed. Dec. 9 - one day from launch.
I had preordered from Amazon. Got an email this morning - game had been shipped - will be received sometime tomorrow. Well that’s game day and it’s ok. I’ll load it when I get it, and I’ll enjoy. In the meantime, I am still enjoying eso.

Shipped? Did you order a hard copy or do you DL from Amazon? I have about 30 minutes left on the preload. Had to stop for work , but will finsih tonight.

They shipped a code to me - to be activated - then they downloaded and installed the game code. It all worked out ok.

Good good.

Best wishes in playing and enjoying the game.
Have tons of fun.

I’m so annoyed, GameStop screwed me over on the Collector’s Edition. They kept claiming that my payment was declined in emails but then I would call up and they’d say it was fine. Now my order was cancelled. Glad I bought on GOG. Never supporting GS again.