Preferred role for group content

Alright, you got your class picked or maybe still waffling over it. What is going to be your preferred role for group content on your main character?

  • Tankery
  • Front line/melee dps
  • Ranged dps
  • Support (buffs/debuffs/off-heals)
  • Tha Heals

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I’m going Martial Artist so I expect to be melee dps unless we have a dearth of tanks and then I will look at tankery through martial arts.

Gunslinger for dps and kitery

Can’t vote, did the poll close already?

You should be able to vote now, I must have messed up the poll when I first created it. It’s been a loooooooong week.


Contrary to @Rando’s popular belief, I am not going Striker with Martial Artist. Probably Soulfist or maybe Wardancer.

Dunno about that, man…pretty sure I heard you were going Striker.

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LOL…Well that Street Fighter outfit is pretty dang enticing…


Some classes are a combination of melee and ranged, so your poll includes some inherent inaccuracies by making those people choose one or the other. Not a big deal, but something to keep in mind.

Mangee? See, this is why I’m not in marketing.


Can’t change a poll after it’s been posted for 5 minutes so it is what it is. :smirk:

:bulb: mélange


Daaaang, French and everything! And definitionally appropriate! You must be in marketing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Epic. Totally epic. Genius.

Was thinking Paladin, but if we are going to be tank short I might switch to gunlancer.

I said I was going Martial Artist for my main, but I am now thinking of maybe going Gunlancer for my main. Decisions decisions… :thinking: