Pre-Alpha Players

Just checked the Pantheon Sign-up Spreadsheet and see that we have 34 members have signed up to start. It could be nice to know the time zones everyone will be playing.

I will be playing in the PST as I live on the Oregon coast.

Onward and Up wards
Cali----Enchanter/Warrior SoZo

Heya, @Cali.

I’m on the east coast, so EST for me. :slight_smile:

As we move towards Alpha and Beta (and whenever the NDA is lifted) I’ll look to update the spreadsheet with timezones to make coordination easier.

Design - Shaman (probably…)

I just felt like stirring the pot a little… HaHA Happy New Year

CST for me, but I’m also retired and pretty much available anytime.

I’m in Michigan, so EST for me.

My time zone ranges from -11 UTC to +10 UTC from week to week.

Yep retired on the west coast. I will be playing a lot when it starts.

PST time as well. Working on patience for PA5.


Hope you guys had fun in the shakeout. I was in Az with my apple no Pantheon for me. Should be home end of Sept hope ?I will make the next one.

I can neither confirm nor deny that fun was had, @Cali. :slight_smile:

I don;t know why I chimed in on this thread earlier this year because I am not in the pre-alpha…although I kind sorta wish I was. I must have not been reading well that day and mistook it for an Alpha thread. C’moooooon alpha…

Haha. No worries, @Ryukan.

I am hopeful that PA-5 will be the final Pre-Alpha phase and that they’ll move into Alpha at a decent pace afterward. It was a year or so between PA-4 and 5, so it could still be a while. I’ll have to look back to see if they’ve said what milestones they want to hit before progressing.

Shakeout repeats Sept 19-20. Check Discord.

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I can not confirm or deny that I am now excited about Ben’s Producer’s Letter or that I am looking for a PA5 group for Oct 21 but let me know!

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