Pre-Alpha One gameplay

Turn up the default resolution on Youtube, take it to 4k if your internet feed will allow. IT’S GORGEOUS! :wink:

AoC PreAlpha MMO playtesting CLICK HERE

Wow. Maybe there’s hope after all. That looks pretty fun.

Attn: All Blasties! Check this one out. It’s got toys! Watching those guys screw around it kind of reminds me of OTG groups. “Hey! What’s this over here?” “Oh look! This is cool. Wait that thing is chewing on my leg!” “What does this button do? Oops! Sorry!” “Where are you guys? I’m over by this trap door and there’s a big monster between me and the exit!”

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Hopefully theres no delays in the alpha 1 schedule. It would be amazing to actually get a chance to see the progress firsthand by the end of summer.