Possible Newbie

Hey all!
I’ve got the itch for a good space game and I was gonna see if EVE Online is still alive and well? I played back in 2006 so I’m sure a lot has changed since then. I’d essentially be a complete newb. Does the game still have a harsh learning curve? I don’t have a ton of time like I did back in ‘06 (grownup job and wife) so is it solo/casual friendly at all? Thanks for your insights!

2006? Haha, WOW! I started EvE in '06.
It still has a high learning curve and if anything is harsher than back in the old days. MANY, MANY changes. But it’s all in what you enjoy. I no longer pay for access. Actually all I do now is keep it updated and follow changes. You can still solo but like most MMO’s it’s probably better in a corp/guild/kinship.

Yup still up and running.

Eve is dead

Except the 30k+ peak player count. And the massive community. And the podcasts and newscasts. And all the steamers. And the failure of all alternate space MMOs. And the crazy amount of highly active Eve discords.

Dead game

Dont tell @phlor this. I dobt mnow if he can handle it.

Hi! Late reply, but here goes:

Eve is a giant interstellar sandbox. The best part of the game is going to be the interactions you have with other players, whether it’s the economy, the camaraderie between friends, or the salty-sweet tears of the people you blow up. Where you go and what you want is really in your hands.

Personally, I’d love to just recruit all of the OTG Eve players into my wormhole corporation and carve an empire out of the wild west of Eve. But if I had to give a single piece of advice, it’s this: fly with a good bunch of people. People that make you laugh on comms, and who give you a reason to log in. Otherwise, you’ll burn out in short order. :slight_smile: