Polaris VS Kraken, need advice!

I have a Kraken, and bought it because I liked the idea of a big, capital ship that could host several other ships. Didn’t really want it as a fighter/ combat ship, more as a mobile base for friends and family and/or an org. However, thinking about it recently I don’t think it’s likely that I’ll have a whole host of friends to really make use of it properly and am concerned also about the number of people required to just operate it, plus the (in-game) cost. Feels like a lot of bother.

I have a Polaris in my buy backs and was thinking maybe I should melt the Kraken and get the Polaris back, then use that as a (smaller) mobile base instead. Will the Polaris be easier than the Kraken to run with a smaller crew? Will they have comparable running costs? I just think maybe the Polaris is a better option than the Kraken, even if I’m not going to be that combat-focussed, because it’s versatile and can be used for other things and more manageable.

So could do with some guidance from people who know better than me.


Kraken is 1-10 people polaris is 1-24. Maybe look at the Perseus which is larger but can theoretically run well with 3-6 with two pre-bladed smaller remote turrets. Assuming you’re really looking to hold to the big ship idea. The size 7 guns are nice too. Although if you want to fly your kraken and depend on your friends and their ships to defend it you might be fine as is, but might have an issue if they leave you solo.

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Yes, thanks Joon. I’m actually not married to the big ship idea. If I’m being honest, it’s unlikely I’ll ever be playing the game with a lot of friends. I will join a couple of orgs but still not sure I need a ship that big (already have a few others, including a Carrack, Reclaimer, Endeavor and BMM).

The Perseus is a good call though, will look at that!

Going down the list that I pictured above:

  • Kraken
    • ++Has LOTS of Hangar space
    • ++Tons of cargo
    • – hefty crew requirements
    • – – cost of operation
  • Idris
    • +Has hangar
    • +Decent cargo
    • –cost of operation
    • – crew requirements
  • Endeavor
    • ++nice hangar space
    • ++modular design allows for LOTs of options
    • – – – not going to be in game for a long time to come
  • Pioneer
    • ++++build your own bases!
    • minimal crew requirements
    • – – no hangar
    • – resources required to be useful
  • Merchantman
    • +++Alien ship
    • ++Cargo out the wazoo
    • +/- may be able to hangar a Defender in specialized module (similar to Connie/Merlin)
    • ++ it is a bazaar
    • – repair and operation costs are expected to be high
  • Polaris
    • ++ Light fighter sized hangar (Gladius fits)
    • ++ Low crew requirements for a combat ship of its size
    • +/- torpedo boat, with big nasty torps that can take out cap ships (also makes you a target)
  • Carrack
    • +++Best of the best in multicrew exploration
    • +reasonable combat ability for an exploration vessel
    • ++Hangar for a snub
    • +better than average cargo capacity
    • – crew requirements
    • – operation/repair costs expected to be high for specialized vessel like this
  • Nautilus
    • +/- Minelayer
    • ++ fairly small crew requirements for a combat ship this size
    • – – no hangar
    • – combat vessel repair/operation costs expected to be on the high side
  • Hammerhead
    • +++Lots of firepower
    • ++low crew requirement for combat vessel
    • – – no hangar
    • – repair/operation of combat vessel likely higher than average
  • Perseus
    • +++gunship with nice firepower
    • ++ low crew requirment
    • – no hangar (though it is a smaller ship so hangar would be impractical)
    • ++small size likely makes it very maneuverable
  • M2
    • +++ Very low crew requirement
    • ++ amazing cargo capabilities
    • – no hangar but you can haul ships inside (snubs and light fighters fit well)
    • ++ perfect for hot drops or just moving vehicles around
    • – minimal firepower for a ship this size (it is cargo more than combat of course)

So based on those thoughts just off the top of my head, I like the these ships:

  • Perseus if you are not looking for a ship with a hangar. It is small enough to manage easily with one person and should be less costly to operate than most of the other options.
  • Carrack if you want a hangar and want something sooner than later and combat is not a priority
  • Endeavor if you want a hangar and you are willing to wait for it and combat is not a priority
  • Polaris if you want a hangar and you plan to engage in combat often

If you have any other specific questions ping me and I will try to help answer them as best I can

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Simdor, you’re an absolute star, thanks for your going to all the trouble with such an amazing response! I really appreciate it.

I have a Carrack and Endeavor already and would never melt them, they’re my faves! So I think I’m going to melt my Kraken and buy back the Polaris, then aim for a Perseus in the IAE sale. Thanks again!!!

No problem at all. Happy I was able to help.