Plunderstorm Event - 4/25/24 8PM Central Time Zone -- Cancelled

Going to do a Plunderstorm event for everyone to have some fun and get their T-mogs, Pets, and Mounts. The Plunderstorm can be done in groups of 3 people now so there will be more plunder to be had and quicker to level up your renown. Only requirements are that to group up you have to be friends thru battle net. Blizzard’s private chat system. (You can remove people afterword’s easily) This is to help those to get their stuff. Come on out and have some fun. Expect to die. The gold is your priority in Plunderstorm for Rep. Let the Plundering begin! This will start at 8pm Central Time Zone.

When is this happening?

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Just added the time. Thank you for reminding me about that.

Thanks for doing this, Arcano!

I really want to do this. My conference workshop ends at 5:20. But I stay an extra 10-15 for questions after the Q&A, which sometimes there are and sometimes there are not.

So I’ll probably come flying in about 5:45 Pacific time (7:45 Central).

Please feel free to message me if I need to do something special for prep.

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Thank you everyone whom showed up. I think it was very successful. We had 4 teams running the event. I will be looking to do this again but I think we will do it as groups of 2 to make it not so competitive with the other random people that show up. I will post again about this with a week advance notice when I know when we can do it again.

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Thanks for running this!!!

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We are going to do the plunder storm to help people once again especially with the 2x the rep gain. Please come and be ready to Plunder. We all had fun last time. This time we will be doing Duo’s as that is not as cut-throat. Same requirements apply as stated above at the beginning of this post.

Cancelled. Too many people are working on gearing up there toons. doing Mythics, and TW instead if intrested.

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