Please invite my Klingon to the fleet

My Klingon character is Kanin@kamin1

I created him for the new Klingon receiver tasks and am playing him through the storyline. He is completely twinked up from my vast wealth of having played STO since beta.

Thanks and hope to see you in game

I see you’ve already filled out an application to join the community. They’ll be able to process your invite request once your membership is complete. Good luck!

I have this forum watched. When your application is complete and your name turns blue. Just update the post saying your a member now and I can shoot you an invite them.


Invite has been sent now that I see you are blue. When you accept, Please put your Forum name in the Member Comments for your character in the roster area. Then let me know here so I can promote you.


I placed my forum name in roster comments.

You have been promoted to Member level. You should now have access to all Starbase vendors and amenities.