Is anyone still playing this other than me and my wife? I hit lvl 75 so if anyone needs help or anything my name is Kinswald. Right now my base is just North of all the fissures.

I still play once in awhile but I am very low level I think 13. I am terrible at the game lol. I keep dying and getting radiation sickness. The game is fun just tough for me

Jimmy_nuggets is my name in game… Hitmeup.

PS4 I’m waiting for the patch to fix the patch that just broke all the previous patches before I start up again.

Yep playing…templarga1976

I am about level 22 or so. Just doing the lone wolf thing. MY camp is just west or arktos chemical on the cliff.

Myself, Varzil, Old pc gamer ,Truewall and Finbar still play. I play pretty much everyday. Anyone that reads this friend me in the social tab in Fallout or PM me in Discord