Play for free June 10-16

Free trial this week… Tell everyone to give it a shot its gotten much better since launch.

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I see they are finally adding human NPCs to the game in the next update as well. Good. That’s something they should have had all along, in my opinion.

They had said Fall for the human NPCs. I am expecting it to be around 4 months from now. The lack of them has been my one real complaint about the game. I very much look forward to this.

I am really excited about the Wastelander DLC. Also got a chance to play some Nuclear Winter Battle Royal. I can’t believe I am saying this but I had a lot of fun with it last night.

I was thinking no one from this site would ever turn 76 back on. I come and check but it seems dead.

Add me and I can see if others in OTG are online Jimmy_Nuggets

I’m jumping in now.

I just started playing. Bethesda ID is “rescorla”

Is this game worth playing now ? Looking forward to the Fall update / patch. Thanks

It is… They have fixed so many things since launch. Jimmy_nuggets is my name in gamer… But today I will be spending with my Dad.

It seems like a lot more fun than what I heard about earlier versions. Wife and I started playing and she loves it.

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