Plan B, Your Other Final Fantasy XIV Community

Hello OTG!

Just a brief, long overdue note and invitation to Plan B, Your Other Final Fantasy XIV Community! If you want to organize some Final Fantasy XIV things, and don’t mind having non-OTGer’s participate, (this is a bonus! trust me), please consider planning your next event in Plan B.

We focus on casual(non-savage raid) Final Fantasy XIV content. All Final Fantasy XIV , no other games (except 1 channel or ok more than 1).

Invitation link below, hope you join!

Here is the official blurb:

Plan B is an events-based-discord, independent of any in-game Free Company, and open to all players on the Primal data center.

We approach gaming in a casual and friendly fashion and ask our members to conduct themselves in a mature manner, appropriate to online social gatherings. Plan B organizes recurring weekly events as well as provides a functional space for coordinating impromptu adventures.

Currently, our scheduled events include Daytime Dungeoneers, several Deep Dungeons groups, Maps, and Mount Farming. Plan B also maintains a static for Extreme Trials. We regularly have impromptu groups that work through the MSQ, run leveling content, enter roulettes, and clear weekly raid timers.

Plan B is your second best social hub for exploring the world of Eorzea and the first place you should consider when your primary FFXIV community is quiet and empty. Come, make your own adventures with Plan B!

Plan B is an autonomous discord server, founded by @Odo and @Corvus, with our own rules, events, and community. All who commit to follow our rules are welcome to join our discord.


invitation to the Discord:


There is a great group of people there that like to have fun farming mounts on Friday and Saturday nights. I haven’t had a bad evening there even when the boss won’t give up a mount in our two our time slot. It also gives you a chance to meet new people and learn new ways of downing the content. The best part is everyone is patient and willing to work together to figure fights out.

Airen (FFXIV CO)

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I play with other groups but stick to my company OTG but yes do something like plan B.

Yea, feel free to add me (Kyrin Snyper) to friends in game, but don’t see a reason to leave the OTG FC

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Plan B is not a guild. Plan B is a Discord server dedicated to running various raids. It has people from many different servers. They also have an interworld link shell that you can use if you are looking for other people to play with. It’s a resource, not a replacement for the OTG FC.

Cool Way to group for for Raids