Picked up the San'Tok'Yai, I like the look

Exotics and Import sale is up: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16856-Anniversary-Exotics-Imports-Manufacturer

It’s Q&A is up as well: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16872-Q-A-Aopoa-Santoky-i

It’s a cute ship, I love how it lands and takes off.

You pick up everything mac, not sure it counts :wink:

I got one too. :slight_smile:

I don’t have an Arrow, an M50, a Razor, a Javelin, a Scythe, any Auroras, most Mustangs, a Cutlass Red, a Hull A or B, or an Idris-M. I clearly don’t pick up everything :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got one too.
Actually I picked up the CCU and I have a spare 85X LTI in buy back that I will tag it onto later.
This time of year, plus having a busted PC, I am strapped for cash. Had to melt my Vanguard Sentinel and use the credit to pick one up.
But I was leaning toward melting the VGS anyway, so this was just a good excuse to do that.

Also picked up a CCU to Redeemer.

So my fleet is changing again this year, and significantly so. My HammerHead is slated to CCU to a Polaris and I grabbed an Arrow and a SanT

The STY looks very cool. I was contemplating CCU-ing a Sabre to one but my funds ran dry. I did upgrade my Hull D to a Hull E from my melted buy-back pot.

Are the monthly buy back tokens still a thing? Or is it strictly new cash only now?

Yes, but they are quarterly now. The next one coming available is sometime at the start of Jan. With the token it will allow you to re purchase melted items with store credit.


I do not recall them ever being monthly, they were always quarterly as far as I can think back.

And the token allows a single buy back from your buy back list using store credit. That can be a single stand alone ship or a multi-ship package, but it is a single item from the list.

How do you know if you have one (a buy back token)?

Under My Hangar -> Buy Back It will tell you you have 1 buy back token in yellow .

You get one a quarter, if you haven’t used one it is fair to assume you should have one.

And apparently you can only have 1. I’ve never used one and have a dozen or so melted things I could use it on, but at the very top it tells me I have 1.

Yes, you have a single buy back token “slot” that gets evaluated each quarter. If it is empty at that time it is refilled but if you already have one then nothing happens.
That is why it is good to have a reminder each quarter to check your buy back just before the tokens come out to make sure you have spent the token since it is a use it or lose it.
That is unless you have nothing you need to buy back .