Hello everyone.

I am new to the guild and thought I would pop on and say hello and also ask if there is anyone else into photography . I am pretty sure there will be as its a hobby that has grown immensely in the last 10 years since digital SLRs have really exploded onto the scene after a couple of years when it was really only the well off that could afford them.
I love going to 1940s events with my wife , Hayley, and photographing the wonderful people who re-enact an era which I have always considered to be our greatest generation. I have a lot of time for them.
I have my own web site which I am currently trying to grow, its always been non-profit and always will be.
If you are interested in chatting about anything photographic wise give me a PM . Or you can email me @ :

Hope to hear from one or two of you .

Michael. ( Flasheart)


I take lots of really terrible pictures with my iPhone and a hybrid camera (Fujifilm Finepix X). I knew I could never put in the effort to make full use of a DSLR so this was my compromise. I really just wanted a camera with good zoom to take pics of my kids graduation lol!

Main thing Maels is that you enjoy what you do and you like what photos you take. The most important person to critic your shots is yourself.